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A great success for the 1st edition of the European VOD Meetings in Venice, Italy

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Press Release - 13/09/2018

The European VoD Meetings took place from 3 to 6 September in Venice. It was the 1st edition of a necessary and much awaited professional training course dedicated to European Cinema VoD platforms, distributors and aggregators, as well as tech providers and right holders interested in the digital distribution of their catalogue.

The European VoD Meetings were organized by EuroVoD, in partnership with the International Venice Film Festival and Venice Production Bridge, gathering 48 participants from 35 different companies, including 24 VoD platforms from 18 European countries.

The European VOD Meetings were a tremendous opportunity for the European network of EuroVoD members and a large number of companies working in the VoD sector, to share useful and constructive moments of benchmarking and networking.

Conference European VOD Meetings Venice

The workshops on technology, digital marketing, audience development and branding, as well as the conferences on online piracy, heritage films and European policies regarding VoD provided a platform for all – on the emblematic and unique island of San Servolo - to build together a decisive segment of tomorrow’s audiovisual sector.

Cristian Mungiu at Eurovod panel discussion in Venice
Panel discussion at the Venice Production Bridge with (from left) Michael Gubbins, Cristian Mungiu, Reiner Rother and Wendy Bernfeld

Under the presidency of Jean-Yves Bloch and management of Silvia Cibien, the expert guests invited to the debates were Cristian Mungiu, Nicola Mazzanti, Cristian Grece from the European Audiovisual Observatory, Reiner Rother (Deutsche Kinemathek), Wendy Bernfeld (Rights Stuff), Chris Le Maitre (Audio-Visual Antipiracy Alliance), Thierry Chevillard (Blue Efficience), Marzena Rembowki (Netflix), Gabriele Bertolli (European Commission, Creative Europe), Laetitia Facon (CNC), Christine Eloy (Europa Distribution), Gianluca. Guzzo (MyMovies), Nikolaj Mathies Knudsen (Gruvi), Jaume Ripoll (Filmin), and were moderated by Michael Gubbins. The VoD Meetings also provided the opportunity to bring together the technical directors of UniversCiné, Kinow, EYZ Media, Filmdoo & Fassoo, thus allowing identifying the best practises and accurately analysing the key challenges of the sector.

EuroVoD will continue these discussions in Berlin, from 6 to 9 February 2019, with, we strongly hope, just as much interest from the participants and the industry.

Applications for the second module of this 1st edition are already open online, on the VOD Meetings page, until December 10th.

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