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Report of the 2 days at Lumière Festival in Lyon

Last month, EuroVoD attended the Lumière Festival for 2 days, in occasion of the Marché Internationale du Film Classique (MIFC) and the European Film Forum round-tables.

Lumière Festival of Lyon, has reached the 10th edition this year. With more than 170 films screened all over the metropolis of the French city, Lumière Festival is one of the largest festivals of classic films. For 6 years, the festival has welcomed the International Classic Film Market: a 4-day industry market with meetings, workshops, conferences and panel discussions for cinema professionals, with a specific focus on classic and heritage films.

DAY 1On October 18, the discussions focused on the European Film Forum and the AVSM Directive, with the introduction of Mariya Gabriel, Commisioner Digital Economy and Society.

The European Commissioner presented the prototype of a European film catalogue, which will include 115 video-on-demand services. Its beta version will be launched next April, while the final version is scheduled for the end of 2019. It will first serve professionals and public authorities and eventually the general public.

She also pointed out that the adoption of the AVMS Directive will guarantee 30% of European-programming on the platforms. (Source:

On the same day, it took also place a practical round-table about VOD and SVOD environment called "Analysis of the economic and legal VOD environment and the room dedicated to classic films" (full overview about the discussion on:

DAY 2On October 19, EuroVoD president, Jean-Yves Bloch, took part in the conference organised by the MIFC with the European Audiovisual Observatory "What distribution strategies for catalogue films?". Together with him on stage, also: Yann Le Prado, Head of Catalog, Studiocanal, Julien Rejl, Acquisitions and Distribution Manager, Capricci, Pierre Olivier, Head of Video and Catalog, TF1 Studio, Bruno Deloye, Manager, Cine+, Isabelle Gibbal-Hardy, Manager, Le Grand Action.

Eurovod at Lumiere Festival in Lyon
Jean-Yves Bloch (on the left) at MIFC 2018

The panel discussion was introduced by Gilles Fontaine's presentation of the report study "The Exploitation of Catalogue Films in the EU". Fontaine, who is Head of the Department for Market Information, at European Audiovisual Observatory, pointed out the growing relevance of VOD platforms in promoting and distributing heritage and catalogue films. The EAO study can be downloaded here.

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