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EuroVoD is thrilled to welcome 4 new members in its network!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Nexo Digital is joining us as a Core Member, represented by Franco di Sarro (CEO) and Guido Casali (Director of Nexo+)

Created in 2009, Nexo Digital is a leading player in production, distribution and international sales of cinematic documentaries: 4K native contents to portray art, narrate history and experience music pop icons and sport legends.

On the other hand, Nexo+ is the newest art and culture OTT platform to entertain your brain. Our catalogue also includes stories to tell of disability and inclusion, expedition one-offs specials as well as mini factual series.

Nexo Digital has also been producing cinematic documentaries with important partners, like The Hermitage, The Prado, The Vatican Museums, the Uzi Gallery - prestigious museums, important exhibitions - stories narrated by Oscar winners such as Jeremy Irons and Helen Mirren.


Mirada is joining us as an Associate Member, represented by Juan Manuel Muñoz-Cruzado (Key Account Manager), Antonio Rodriguez (VP Business Development) and Jose Luis Vázquez (CEO & Founder)

Created in 2000, Mirada is a leading provider of products and services for global Digital TV operators and broadcasters.

Mirada's core focus is on the ever-growing demand for "TV Everywhere" for which it offers a range of software products, notably the Iris multiscreen platform.

Since its establishment, Mirada's products and solutions have been deployed by some of the biggest names in broadcasting across America, Europe and Asia. Mirada has also established partnerships with key players in the Digital TV world, along with integrations with content providers such as Netflix, HBO, Fox, Disney+, etc.


Media Choice is joining us as an Associate Member, represented by Marvin Kooij (COO/CDO)

Over 20 years Media Choice is active in an extensive amount of the areas of facility, (TV) production services, (non-) broadcast Media and OTT services to consultancy services and more.

Media Choice's goal is to provide customers the utmost care and freedom of choice, so that the customer focuses on what distinguishes him/her and what he/she wants to deal with. is joining us as a Core Member, represented by Demian Buijs (Head of Software Development)

Launched in 2007, MeJane is a Dutch/Belgium VOD-service. It was the first OTT VOD service in those two countries. The service was very successful in these early stages of the VOD-market.

With the introduction of connected TV’s by vendors like Samsung, Philips and LG, meJane could also be used in living rooms where people generally watch movies. Movie studios adopted the new (legal) way of watching their product that eventually replaced the traditional DVD rental stores entirely.

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