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EuroVoD Newsletter - March 2021


The 18th edition of the Sofia Meetings (March 17-24) kicked off and is teaming up with EuroVoD for a virtual panel entitled: Cooperative, collaborative and complementary: VOD in the post-Covid world Wednesday 24th March from 11 to 12 AM CET time. The Covid Crisis forced the industry to work collectively to face up to the hard realities of shut-down production, closed cinemas and the fragility of independent film economics. The cautious optimism that we are bearing the end of the crisis is a useful time for reflection. It is increasingly clear that the last year highlighted and accelerated trends that were already in play but it demonstrated that these are much less divisive than might have been previously thought. The crisis showed an appetite for online, on-demand viewing but also a renewed desire for the cinema experience. The cooperation and collaboration of the crisis may hold the key to a future for European film and European cultural diversity. This session will explore how the value chain can build complementary services and activities and a collaborative approach to shared interests. The panel will be moderated by Michael Gubbins; speakers: Agustina Lumi & Silvia Cibien (EUROVOD), Maxime Lacour (UniversCiné Belgium / Sooner), Sasa Stanisik (Cinesquare), Stefan Schallert (Cinema Service Platform / Kino VoD Club).


We are thrilled to announce that the 3rd edition of the VoD Market Day will be back in Venice, in partnership with the Venice Production Bridge, for a SVOD / VOD market including conferences (5 Sept) and in-person one-to-one meetings (6 Sept) during which European and International VOD platforms and stakeholders will be able to propose their services to international distributors, rights holders and AV professionals. For more info, contact



EuroVoD is thrilled to welcome its 1st new Core Member of 2021 with SALA VIRTUAL DE CINE! SVdC is a Spanish TVOD service for all cinemas, a complement for traditional exploitation and a tool for cinemas to reach its audiences despite where they are. The aim of SVdC is to also become a valuable marketing tool not only for cinemas but also for distributors. It operates on a shared revenue share model that enables service users to select a local Spanish cinema to support.

AUDIOVISIVA IS ONLINE! EuroVoD member, AUDIOVISIVA launched a new streaming on-demand platform, which brings together and makes available a curated selection of the best documentaries on the protagonists of Italian culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. Starting from a freely available library of over 300 documentaries - among which the first 40 are now available for viewing - the platform gives for the first time an overall view of the existing non-fiction documentary heritage of Italian culture, gradually making films that were not previously available online, cataloged by the name of the protagonist or by reference area - art, architecture and design, photography, film studies.


ANNUAL MEETING OF THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE 39 different European and international professional organisations representing the various branches of the audiovisual industries make up the Advisory Committee of the European Audiovisual Observatory. Sectors such as film production, distributors, exhibitors, public and private broadcasters and the press are represented within this body, but also public bodies and research institutions, and European VoD platforms represented by EUROVOD. The Advisory Committee gathered the 11th March for the 36th meeting , in order to share expertise, information and ideas for better cooperating and strengthen the European audiovisual sector.

JOINT STATEMENT TO WELCOME BUDGETARY INCREASE BY CREATIVE EUROPE Earlier this year, EUROVOD joined other actors of the film industry in a statement advocating the use of the funding in supporting both the recovery and the sustainability of the European film and audiovisual sector in COVID-19 time. This is a welcomed budgetary increase of the Creative Europe Programme after long negotiations, resulting in a total envelope of €2.2 billion, which reflects the importance of Europe’s cultural and creative industries. We would like to warmly thank Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission’s MEDIA Unit and the Council for their continued support the film and audiovisual sector in getting back on its feet, for the sake of its authors, talents, companies, workers, content creators, audiences and European citizens alike. Read the full statement

MONTHLY EUROVOD ONLINE MEET-UPS On the 10th February and 12th March our network's monthly virtual meet-ups took place, a forum of exchange within Eurovod members and gusts about the hot topics of the network and of the online distribution sector. Marianna Scharf and Juan Carlos Ivars, Managers of the EU public policy of Netflix, joined as guests for the first session to discuss Portability and Geoblocking that are part of the broad topic of the Digital Single Market EU policy. The European Commission will open the consultation with the AV industry in the first semester of 2021, and from the meeting came up the need for EuroVoD to organize an informative and detailed conference about these topics which are directly impacting our businesses and the whole audiovisual industry. Stay tuned!

During the March meet-up we gave an update about the latest news of the Creative Europe work programme & MEDIA fundings schemes for the online distribution sector, following the 2 days workshop organised by the EACEA and the Stakeholder Meeting organised by the DG Connect of the European Commission. Moreover, we invited as guest speaker Tomas Prasek, presenting Eventival solution for linking VoD platforms and festivals.

EAVE IMPACT THINK TANK ON DISTRIBUTION During the online edition of the When East Meets West co-production market, EuroVoD participated as part of an engaging and dynamic think tank on the 28th and 29th January whereby the 20 participants had the great experience of envisioning the future of film distribution together. The first session was the “Action Plan Workshop” to imagine 2021 together and to come up with a great plan for specific launches or releases. The second session consisted of a “Brainswarming” exercise to fine-tune the ways we communicate originally to chosen audience.

You can find the full newsletter here.

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