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Film and TV content in VOD catalogues

You can download the full report from the European Audiovisual Observatory, written by Christian Grece & Marta Jiménez Pumares about Film and TV Content in VOD catalogues. One of the main findings is that most European content on VOD is non-national - with UK content taking the lead.

Overall, European content (film and TV) represents 30% of all content found on TVOD and 26% of SVOD in the EU if we consider film and series titles and/or seasons (as opposed to individual episodes). And as it now seems obvious, on average, there are more film titles than TV titles and TV seasons, but there is a dominance of TV if counted by episode. Indeed, taking TV episodes into account, the TV content offer is five times bigger than film titles available on TVOD, and 3.6 times bigger on SVOD.

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