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How to make your OTT successful? Kinow presents the OTT white paper

Kinow, one of EuroVoD's members, published a very useful document for every VOD platform. A specific guidebook on how to make your OTT service successful.

The white paper is available both in English and French and can be downloaded at the following links:

English - Kinow White Paper - the guidebook to a successful OTT service

Français - Kinow Livre Blanc - guide pratique d'un service vidéo OTT performant

What does the white paper contain?

- an overview of the VOD market, with an analysis of its growth and all the opportunities within the sector

- how to make your value proposition relevant to the market? The white paper will give you tips on how to make the best technical choices for your platform and how to best present it to your target clients and audiences.

- Case studies and testimonies of analysts and experts of OTT market

Kinow's guidebook will give you an insight and tips useful for your company to offer a quality video service and to position yourself in a growing and more competitive market.

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