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New EuroVoD Member: Sala Virtual de Cine

EuroVoD is thrilled to welcome its 1st new Core Member of 2021 with SALA VIRTUAL DE CINE!

Sala Virtual De Cine is a TVOD service for all cinemas, a complement for its traditional exploitation and a tool for cinemas to reach its audiences despite where they are. Cinemas and distributors (particularly independent distributors) shall continue to communicate their releases on big screen but for those moviegoers who has decided not to go to cinema for the best experience with that film, at least to give to the cinema the possibility to offer such film to their clients at home from its virtual service,

The Spanish TVOD service, Sala Virtual de Cine (100% Spanish shareholders) is designed to offer films after its theatrical release or simultaneously with theatres, it will depend on each film . The aim of SVdC is to become also a valuable marketing tool not only for cinemas but also for distributors. All distributors are invited to provide films . SVdC is signing contracts with many Spanish independent distributors in order to secure a selected and curated content, the majority European films.

Sala Virtual de Cine operates a revenue share model with cinemas ( a solidarity model) that enables service users to select a local Spanish cinema to support.

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