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Updated: May 6, 2021

The Conference was organized by Eurovod with the European Co-Production Forum & Ecran Total and was held on 30th Mai 2021. 325 people registered for this very unique opportunity about the portabilities regulations of 2021.

The Covid crisis intensified demand for online content. For some, the free movement of content is a logical extension of free movement of people and opens up new potential for the cross-border reach of European works. For large parts of the industry, undermining the system of territorial rights puts the future of EU production in danger. What next in the European debate over geo-blocking ? What has been the impact of cross-border portability regulations in the EU? Does a greater emphasis on co-production offer a better mechanism for cross-border reach? How would ending geo-blocking affect the availability and diversity of productions and their distribution? What would more open borders mean for the fight against piracy?

Chaired by Michael Gubbins, Co-Founder, SAMPOMEDIA

• Silvia Cibien, General Delegate, EUROVOD

• Emmanuelle Du Chalard, Deputy Head of Unit I2- Copyright – DG Connect European Commision

• Paul Johnson, Strategic Account Manager, OpSec Online

• Charlotte Lund Thomsen, Director General, International Video Federation/ FIAPF / FIAD

• Grégoire Polad, Director of the Association of Commercial Television in Europe

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