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Press release - New EuroVoD Board of Directors

Paris, November 4, 2020

The newly elected Board Members showcase a new era of diversity & global outlook for the european VOD industry. During the last EUROVOD General Assembly, which took place on the 21st October, a new Board of Directors was elected for a 2-year term. The new board is joining after a 10-year presidency by Jean-Yves Bloch (former Director of Le Meilleur du Cinéma), who, along with Maxime Lacour (UniversCiné Belgium) and Filmin (José Antonio De Luna & Jaume Ripoll) were the founding figures for the association in 2010 and pioneers in bringing together the independent European VOD sector. Through their legacy, EUROVOD is today a renowned well-established international association overseeing the partnership of European VoD platforms, under a common umbrella of 30 members.

The new Board is headed by Marc Putman, the CEO of OUTTV Media. Marc stated, “I am very excited to be working alongside our new Board members and to help shape a new era of diversity and global outlook for the European VOD industry. We look forward to showing more representation within the European VOD industry and promoting the diverse voices of European films. At the same time, we look forward to forming new partnerships internationally that would help raise awareness not just of the European VOD sector, but also the rich and talented European films that we have to show the rest of the world.”

Marc is joined by a diverse team of six other Board members who brings extensive experience in cinema, film distribution, development and technology.

The 7 newly elected members of the EUROVOD Board are:

  • Marc Putman / President CEO of OUTTV Media (NL), which runs multiple tv-channels in various countries in Europe, Israel and LATAM, launching in 2018 they launched their own VOD platform to address the LGBTI-audience in Europe. OUTTV Media runs a 360 degrees content exploitation model, owning the film distribution partners PRO-FUN MEDIA based in Frankfurt and Cinemien in Amsterdam, focusing on the distribution of European arthouse films

  • Estelle Bringer / Vice-President Head of Development at Filmoline, managing the film-focused VoD platform FilmoTV (FR), available in the French speaking territories in Europe

  • Denis Février / Treasurer CEO of PolkaTulk (FR), managing the VoD platform for live events (available in France), and also Vice-president of the documentary-focused VoD platform Tënk, born in France, and now available in Europe and Canada

  • Guy Knafo / Secretary CEO of the documentary-focused VoD platform noKzeDoc (FR) based on semantic indexing and available in the French speaking territories.

  • Kiril Gjozev / Administrator Project Manager at CutAway (MK), managing the arthouse VoD platform Cinesquare, available in 13 territories in the Balkans

  • Weerada Sucharitkul / Administrator CEO and Co-founder of FilmDoo (UK) and FilmDoo Academy, a global VoD edutainment platform that helps people to learn languages and explore cultures through films.

  • Denis Carot / Administrator President of Le Meilleur du Cinéma (FR), managing the arthouse films-focused VoD platform UniversCiné, available in France.

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