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Venice Production Bridge announced the VoD Market Day

The Venice Production Bridge shared a newsletter on the programme of their 5th edition during the77th Venice International Film Festival, confirming that it "will be held as an in-person and onsite event at the Excelsior Hotel, 3rd floor,  on the Lido di Venezia,  with specific components also taking place digitally. It will therefore preserve its physical event on the Lido, while also offering many possibilities to participate remotely and worldwide." It will include the Venice Gap-Financing Market, Final Cut in Venice, Book Adaptation Rights Market and the European Film Forum.

Of course it also includes EuroVoD's collaboration for the 2nd edition of the VoD Market Day. The Venice Production Bridge mentioned:

"EUROVOD  will organize the conference "Diverse, Independent And Sustainable: Building European Vod" from 10:00 to 12:30 at the Excelsior, Spazio Incontri and streamed via the VPB Website on the VPB Live Channel, while from 14.30 until 18.00  20 European VOD platforms and companies attending will be able to propose their services to international distributors, rights holders and AV professionals through in-person one-to-one meetings. In order to book the meetings, a reserved area VOD Market Day will be available to Industry delegates (Gold, Trade and Online VPB) on the website."

You can read the full newsletter here.

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